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Why Sigma Alpha Mu?


When heading off to college, going Greek may not be your number one priority. However, for those students each year that choose to pursue membership in Sigma Alpha Mu, there is no other intangible experience that can equal the brotherhood you will receive in our wonderful organization. Sigma Alpha Mu is not just a college organization, Sigma Alpha Mu membership is for life. James C. Hammerstein said, “I believe a man joins a fraternity for life and not just for college years; and while specific obligations may change with graduation, reciprocal responsibility continues to exist.”

Born in 1909, Sigma Alpha Mu has been in existence for 101 years. At The University of Alabama, Sigma Alpha Mu has a legacy that lasted from 1919 until the early 1960s. Sigma Alpha Mu and our chapters excel in Brotherhood, Scholarship, Philanthropy and Leadership. You can find those four pillars in any of our college fraternity chapters around the country.


We are proud of Sigma Alpha Mu’s scholarship record. We have ranked near the top of all national fraternities in academic achievement! When one experiences scholastic difficulty, Sigma Alpha Mu and its members are there to help. Only in a fraternity can one find fellow students and an entire organization so interested in the welfare of the individual. Over $100,000 in scholarships are given away annually both for those demonstrating financial need as well as those who excel academically. For new members who are initiated with a 3.75 GPA or above, you will automatically receive a $300 scholarship, stressing our primary responsibilities as students at the Capstone.

The opportunity for leadership development is one of the greatest attractions of being a member of Sigma Alpha Mu. Hands-on experience as a chapter officer, committee chairman or active member allows you to develop skills which will benefit you throughout your college career, as well as in your professional endeavors. ΣAM offers Leadership programming and develops initiatives each year for students to broaden their experiences and skill sets. These leadership skills will help you in college and throughout your life. Remember, getting an education involves more than just getting a degree!

Community service and philanthropy are integral parts of the Sigma Alpha Mu experience. Sigma Alpha Mu has adopted the Alzheimer’s Association Judy Fund as its international philanthropy. In addition, each chapter plans and conducts its own philanthropic events to benefit worthwhile causes.

Sigma Alpha Mu is built on friendship, a spirit of brotherhood and fellowship, sharing each other’s experiences and growing together. Once you graduate, your memories of specific classes and exams may fade, but the friendships you make in Sammy will remain vivid for a lifetime.

Sigma Alpha Mu has welcomed all men of good moral character into membership. The values prescribed in our Creed and Ritual help guide our members in their lives. Character forged during college lasts a lifetime. The college classroom can provide you an education. The Sigma Alpha Mu brotherhood experience, will prepare you for life.


I would like to personally invite you to embark on a journey, to accept a challenge, and to implore yourself to strive for heights greater than you imagined possible when you began your college career. If you are willing to accept the challenge, please drop us a line via the contact link. We’d like to get in touch and spend some time with you.

On behalf of all of Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Alabama, we hope you have had a great start to the year and continue to excel in all areas of your college life, and we hope to be a part of your journey to success.


Roll Tide,

Matthew Lesser, President